Ceres, Women, Food and Action

Good Morning, I have wonderful East >> West jet lag so I’m wide awake in the early morning silence. Last night I could not get past the way I feel vs the big looming dreadful

The Big Weekend

Good Morning! It’s 9am Thai time which makes it 2am UK time and I’m on the plane home… which makes me very tired tomorrow. Holidays  I’ve been away because I needed to rest before I

Transits to Eclipse Degrees

Hello  friends! I have many ideas for blog posts - many many.  I have them listed in my diary, all things I want to write about and share but with the ever pressing inbox and

New Moon in Leo

NEW MOON IN LEO ♌️ 💖 amazing pic by @naturabruta I wanted to expand upon what I've written on instagram because I want to write freely without having to chop my word count and replace

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Saturn Essay – Including Saturn Return

Below is the essay I wrote for my astrology exam!  I'm always talking about "Saturn" and this is what I mean... Saturn is currently transiting my sun at 14 degrees Sagittarius, it's always fun to

Organic Beauty Week – Why Go Organic?

Why use Organic Products? ...because they work best and they are good for you! They are healing, not chemicals. For me the question isn't, why use organic products.  It's more about using NATURAL products.  I

Healing Back Pain: The Mind- Body Connection

Oooolala!I'm back from the Lenten silence! I KEEP THINKING to write about the book in the title and will do so very quickly now... To cut a long story short, I had a really painful

A Yoga Retreat for People who are Too Groovy for Yoga

Gals and Guys, I’m very comfortable with being a spiritual bore... I started 2015 with a yoga retreat and I enjoyed it! I enjoyed… most of it.  However there was that bit of me inside

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Miscellaneous Magic

Back to Blogging

In 2006 when I first came to Thailand I used to send email “newsletters” to anyone I could.  I loved telling stories and connecting with all the people I was missing.  Whenever I travel I

A Trip Around The Sun

Another year, another trip around the sun!  Not just because it's nearly December, but because it's my birthday next week and my personal year is drawing to a close.   Being a December baby just

Numbers, Blogs and Absence

What's strange is the way astrology actually fits.  The way it works, over and over and over again. This summer was a hectic period of eclipses, retrogrades and I like to try and ignore these

Chart Prints

HOLA! A rare blog, I've not been instagramming much either because during Mercury Retrograde my computer and phone went completely insane.  My phone was making calls on it's own and jumping from app to app.

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Love and Relationships

Astrology and Love

There a few questions that people ask me when they find out I’m an astrologer and the main two are these: so which sign should I be with? Followed by, how did you get into

New Charts in Collaboration with This Place I Call Home

HELLO! More charts! But these have been curated and beautified by Anna from This Place I Call Home.   This is a snap of my friend Anna, AKA Granny.   Anna is an Aquarius with

Lent and Venus Retrograde

Hello and Happy Pancake Day! I love living here in the UK and I love our British customs but I think palming us off with ‘Pancake Day’ when so many other countries enjoy carnival is

11 (ish) Solutions for Dealing With Drama

  I haven’t written for a while.  I’ve been doing lots of writing for other people… a substantial amount of which has not been published, annoyingly (that will change!) I had so much to say

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