I should’ve introduced myself to everyone who is new here! A reintroduction is always a good thing anyway. I’ll keep it short… (famous last words from a Rising Gemini!)

I’m Francesca Oddie, I LOVED school (so much Capricorn in my chart and also my teenage years were blessed with the Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Taurus hitting my Moon.) I liked studying and also loved Uni and ALL THE TREES in Durham… BUT I didn’t know what I was going to do with my life and IT UPSET ME DEEPLY.

I looked everywhere, I asked EVERYONE what they did and why they did it. What’s PR? What’s Audit? Why Law? Should I do Medicine? Should I work in Marketing? Should I be in Sales?
Even back then I used to Google “Sagittarius jobs” and always found “Travel Agent, Sales Rep, Priest.” LOL.

I moved to Italy via a set of coincidences and an EU funded scholarship – my heart exploded. It really was a magic time (my second Jupiter Return) and in ROME surrounded by those statues of Roman Gods and Goddesses I met 1000 smiling friends, laughed every day, and danced through the streets of Rome, pinching myself at how magic life could be.

I still had days of WTF am I doing with my life but at 23 I was delighted not to be doing the London thing like my contemporaries who were starting their grad jobs. I decided to stay in Rome longer than planned and got a job as Tour Guide. (Good Sagittarius job!) That pushed me RIGHT OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE because I was PAINFULLY shy (I still am, though only those who have known me forever know that to be true.)

2008 / 2009 the world imploded and I was sick of having no money and also quite homesick (Taurus Moon problems!)  I worked in ski resorts (feeding my Capricorn planets) and still searched for MY THING.

The family trade is Insurance (if you need a broker – hit me up www.oddiedalton.co.uk ?) and my Dad’s pal was setting up a Pet Insurance business.

Now, I LOVE DOGS and I also was always very medical / scientific so liked the idea of working with Vets. It was a big sales opportunity with online opportunities and I could WFH, still have my freedom and travel around Europe as I liked. So at 24 I had at least SOMETHING I could get my teeth into!

At this point I still had legacy boyfriends dotted around the continent ? and was ALWAYS on a plane – back in those Ryanair glory days. It was quite fuelled by anxiety and I wasn’t settled, but there were some big fun days. A LOT OF FEELING LOST THOUGH.

The Pet Insurance business took 18 months to build and it wasn’t easy or fun, earning no money and working from home. BUT I got practice at building a business and learnt how challenging it is. Also, I got over my fear of picking up the phone and selling things to people. Intuitively, I knew this would be a skill I would need when I was older and had a business idea. It’s great being able to have that sales thick skin and not fear rejection, also, essential to business growth. It was great to practice with a product that wasn’t ME!

I eventually found a way to make the pet insurance business grow and did so well that they cut my commission down!! I (thought that I) didn’t have anywhere else to go and it was still an OK deal. But those days were frustrating.

Attending Crufts and lots of Dog shows, I used to talk to all the stalls there and end up in great conversations with people from the pet trade. They are lovely people, the pet trade. Vets are good fun too. Hello to those of you who still read my newsletters! ?

When I was 26 I had developed acne, I’d never had it as a teenager and it really got me down. I learnt from all the natural health people at Crufts that OILS were the key to great coats on dogs and also that dogs will choose their own essential oils to sniff and heal their ailments!

I went on a mission and discovered Neals Yardremedies. Within two weeks I had great skin that everyone complimented me on! That was cool, and the beginning of my natural health interest. I also worked with some homeopathic vets. VetsMediCover was set up because Robert’s dog had a really bad reaction to certain pet foots, so they moved him over to raw food and stopped jabbing the dog. We worked with lots of natural health companies and I liked all that. I didn’t know much about it, but it felt right.

I was still trying to make some money so I could travel and still wanted to be my own boss, do my own thing… BUT WHAT WAS IT? It was getting stressful now. I was 29 and things were still confusing. I was going round in circles. Working in a co-working space which was AMAZING and I loved that, but WHAT WAS MY THING?

Eventually I met Suneet who told me I was going to be an astrologer and once I realised that could be my thing, I made up for lost time. Changed my life, threw myself in at the deep end and read and read and read and read. I always KNEW there was something waiting for me.

Since then I’ve worked with NOW TV, been on BBC radio dozens of times,  I’ve worked with Beaches, Bumble, Soho House, The Arts Club, Monica Vinader, Oliver Bonas, Green Flag, The Wing, The Allbright and hosted events at Port Eliot Festival, Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place Festival, Lost Village, Wilderness and done readings at lots more festivals (back in the day!) All my press links are over on LinkedIn. It’s been a RIDE and a half and it took me a while to be self sufficient doing something I love – but I’d rather it be this way.

There’s SO MUCH I want to do!

Now I’m an astrologer, but that health piece is always sitting very close by.

That intro was longer than I expected it to be, but it’s how I got to be here! “JOIN THE DOTS” as Steve Jobs said and the great thing about knowing your chart is seeing where ALL the bits of you take their turn to come to life. Some people have a brilliant time in their twenties but for LOTS of people they are the pre-Saturn Return phase of getting to know yourself, and there is a beauty in that.

I would say I’m “grateful” that you came to the event last night – because grateful is such a buzzword! Really, I’m just delighted that I get to do this as a job, so thanks.

Lunar Phases

I’ve been working with LUNAR GESTATION PHASES intensely for a while and yesterday I found a letter that I’d written to myself on the 26th of December 2019 at the New Moon in Capricorn at 4 degrees!!

Yesterday was the bloom to that New Moon (it was at the same place in the sky) and the synchronicities BLEW MY MIND!

OBVIOUSLY – I know that astrology works but there’s still a magic in watching it unfold. Reading words that I wrote to myself in that shy Capricorn way and observing how my life has reflected it all back at me is incredible and the reason that I’m so passionate about being your own astrologer.

Observing the patterns around this Full Moon is super interesting because that New Moon on Boxing Day was an Eclipse (so it’s a turbo charged cycle.)

Hancock’s display all over the press this morning! His Sun is 8 degrees of Libra and Mercury and Venus are very close, so that eclipse was square to his stellium – I would guess his affair started around Christmas 2019.

I’ll teach you more about this in week 7 of the course. If you Learn to Read Your Birth Chart with me, you’ll understand all that! It’s easy when you know how!

To look at Beyonce and Jay-Z, Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter (and any other charts you’re interested in) I was going to cover more in this newsletter – but who really reads newsletters?! Perhaps half of you! I’ll do them in the course!

I woke up to this feedback from a client this morning:

I want to share with you how incredibly accurately your ‘predictions’ were so incredibly spot on! In the session we covered my career plan – how I wanted to stay in my job for now etc. Despite that, at 1h 4 mins (in case you want to go back and watch), you saw the solar eclipse energy for me, and I think what comes in the weeks after, and you said that might be when I quit. You said I will just say no, and I will take a clean break. At the time, all of this sounded impossible and highly unlikely to me, and I dismissed it.

Yet, 10 days on from our session, I decided, completely out of the blue, that I am resigning and I handed in my notice after the weekend! It was incredible how sudden it was, and how certain I was of it! Real eclipse energy to it. Even the reason I did it, was exactly like you said – I just drew a line, and said “no more, I’m not doing this anymore.” I didn’t agree with the decisions being made at work (many micro decisions, not even anything major), and just knew I can’t just go with it anymore.

Also the clean break part is coming true (well, actually telling the company this week became really messy, their reactions were mad – Jupiter full moon emotions perhaps!?), but in the sense that I am going to leave my job and my flat at the same time, therefore also my relationship – so it really is a clean break and a new start.

So thank you so much…the evening before I handed in my notice, I watched this again and it gave me the confirmation that I am doing the right thing!  Perhaps you are used to this stuff happening to your clients, but I wanted to share it because it really is incredible and a true goosebump moment! 🙂

Magic isn’t it!

Understanding my chart has given me a language and lexicon to say the things to myself that I would never say to anyone else! It opens doors that would’ve stayed closed forever (or at least for a long time.) I don’t know how people do life without astrology!

This is the VERY last time I’ll do it this interactively because I need to move into the health things, I need to keep on moving. There’s only so many times I can teach something before I lose my marbles! Or if I teach it again, I’ll add more in and make it pricier now that I have a coach holding me accountable (which is a lovely feeling not to be doing everything ALONE – which is so Capricorn Moon vibes!)