Chart Readings – What to Expect

A natal chart readings is like having a stranger look into your soul and  give you some clues on how to manage yourself.
I first had a reading in 2014 and as I sat there with my sweaty little paws I was amazed to hear this stranger show an understanding of how I felt and behaved.
Several readings later I no longer experience the same sense of awe and amazement when any astrologer, numerologist, palmist, tarot reader or psychic tells me things about myself; partly because I know it works and partly because I know they are only ever 85% correct.
Of course, some readings are better than others!  However, as a reader we are taking symbolic images and translating them into meaningful dialogue. There is no “correct” answer and so there is a margin for error. Also, what might be true in the moment will change with time as we are always co-creating with the universe.  Every feeling that we act on and every decision we make shapes our future.
Having a reading is incredibly insightful.  I usually feel reassured, validated and most importantly, understood.  This is my goal for my clients too.
Things to know:
  • My booking link is below. I offer natal chart readings, relationship readings and follow up sessions for clients.
  • To book, please click here.
  • In any reading I will cover the chart of one person, business, event or relationship.  Additional charts incur a cost of £50.
  • The call is recorded on Zoom or on my phone.
  • Everything we discuss is entirely confidential.
  • I will send you a What to Expect form after you have booked in with me.
  • If you have any questions please email
For online readings and consultations payment is taken in advance.  A full refund is available to anyone who is unhappy with the reading!  

For booking, please use this link.