Chart Readings – What to Expect

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Having a reading is incredibly insightful.  My clients tell me that they feel reassured, validated and most importantly, understood!  I think that’s the greatest value of an astrology reading; to give people a language and dialogue to explain how they experience life.

Your first reading

  • After you book in with me, I will ask for your time, date and place of birth to the nearest minute and establish what you would like to focus on.
  • When we meet, the first thing I do is to take a full case history which begins with the question “what was your birth like?” and is followed by lots of questions all about your life, values, talents, joys, key themes about your parents, work habits, eating habits, relationship patterns and goals, finance behaviour, beliefs, travel goals, career, friendships and any psychological exploration you have already completed.
  • I will explore your chart and ask you again what you want to cover.
  • I will refer back to your chart and explain your natal horoscope with the content of the case study.  Asking you questions and reflecting back to you things you have told me.  This is very interesting as people usually tell me things that I can “hear” in the chart but being able to put a new perspective on it is really usful.
  • After looking at your natal horoscope we can forecast and look at interesting dates to act on or simply dates to observe and reflect on what happens.
  • You will be able to record the reading and keep it to listen back to.
  • The reading should leave you feeling validated, seen and lighter.

General Information

  • To book, please click here.
  • The call is recorded on Zoom, I will give you the permission to record the call your end so you do not have to wait for me to send it to you.
  • Everything we discuss is entirely confidential.
  • I will send you a What to Expect form after you have booked in with me.
  • Please note: if you have no idea of your time of birth then there is a limit to what can be achieved with a reading but I can have a go at rectifying your chart.  Chart rectification is where I ask you lots of questions to ascertain how transformative life events show up in in you chart.