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There are now two FREE workshops available anytime on YouTube. These were recorded for Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place Festival and the videos are my signature event “Astrology Basics” broken down in two parts with a free workbook for you to complete. Find them here.

My signature events:

  • Astrology Basics
  • Cosmic Connections Relationship Astrology(this is the most fun!) and is available for free here.
  • Cosmic Key Skills and Stellar Branding
  • Numerology Very Basics

March 2021 Events 

Each event is recorded and available for 7 days after the event takes place.









An opportunity to learn what each planet represents.

If you hear astrologers talk about “Saturn” or “Venus” but don’t know what they mean then this will open your eyes! For those of you who already know but are looking to understand more clearly then the meditations included in this event will provide an opportunity for you to ponder how Mars asserts himself.

Bring a notebook!

March 21st, 3.30pm.

Book here.

You hear astrologers say “Sun square Uranus” or “Moon trine Venus” and don’t know what they are on about but would like to know… this rapid lap around the zodiac will reveal all.

The planets in the sky are all in relationships. Sometimes they are sitting next to each other at the table and bashing elbows, sometimes they can see each other clearly and stare lovingly into one another’s eyes. Their relationship speaks VOLUMES and is arguably more important than the Zodiac sign!

March 23rd, 7pm

Book, here.

Do you read my posts and wonder what ON EARTH a HOUSE is? Do you already have an understanding of planets, maybe even aspects, but are totally at a loss when it comes to the different house systems? Then you need to come to “Around the Houses.”

Hopefully you read that with a voiceover guy in your mind…!

Houses give you CONTEXT. They add flavour. They illuminate and add finer detail to the type of _______ (insert zodiac sign) that you are.

March 25th, 7pm

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I work(ed) at festivals, retreats, in stores and host private parties!  If you are interested in an event, please email hello@francescaoddie.com I do private zoom call parties.