The energy out there is RIPE!

First of all we have the Sun conjunct Uranus and even though I know that, I still have the urge to burn bridges!  Nuke them actually!

The Moon in Libra is so givingggg, so kind, so bend over backwards for you.  But she’s expanding in light and ready to meet the Sun Uranus conjunction.  Even Libra is scratching her head and thinking, is this too much?  Perhaps it’s time for a refresher.

I am surging with this snappy energy and don’t feel like writing a super long post.

Questions to ask yourself about your RELATIONSHIPS. Libra is all about relationships and the other.

Do you do what you want because you love it, or because it’s habit?

Are you in a relationship routine that has become stale?  Can you SURPRISE someone you love – it can be a nice surprise!

Or you could leave!

How are you AUTHENTICALLY expressing yourself?

Do you not do what you want because you have to fit in with the set relationship pattern?

Is it time to cut that pattern loose?

How can you remain an INDIVIDUAL with your own goals as a part of that relationship?

Are you co-dependent or in love?

Do you need to tell someone to leave.

Is it time you put yourself first.

HOW ARE THE EXPECTATIONS OF YOUR PREDECESSORS, the patriarchy “I studied medicine because my parents wanted me to” accepted as a OK?  At what point do you say, that was pretty f&cking strange that you give me the gift of life and then told me what do to with it.  It’s SO EMBEDDED that we think it’s normal and it is not normal.  You are in individual in all of your relationships and you are free to do what sets your heart on fire.  So – how have you absorbed what society expected of you and rolled with it?


There is a MAGIC in being alone and whole, then relating.  In fact it is the key to relating and this Full Moon is bringing the theme to attention.

The square to this lunation from the HUGE SOUTH NODE COLLECTIVE of Saturn, Pluto (at their own south nodes) and it is a portal that’s letting old energy in.  Did you see Notre Dame burn?  Did you read about all the other churches and mosques burning to the ground?  If you sew a picture of Notre Dame on fire from a distance you can see the fury and ferocity of the fire.  The skyline of Paris was dominated by an inferno that was capable of destroying something that takes years to build, in seconds.  It is so relentless, powerful and energetic. YES, water puts fire out but right there in that moment, when fire is holding court, it is very intimidating.  Water may put fire out, but fire will devour everything in its path when given the opportunity.

This fire raises ALL SORTS of questions.  Especially because so much money has been donated to rebuild it, whereas after Grenfell Tower fire here, big law firms who sneeze £4k at a dinner were mentioned in papers for donating their pocket their pocket money to this cause. The patriarchy supports the patriarchy.  The big dogs scratch each others back.  The money and power stays in a closed loop.

With the Sun at the critical degree of Aries – SQUARE – i.e. forming a very pushy and challenging aspect between the two and the individuals are speaking UP!  As I sit here at my desk in London town I can hear the “Extinction Rebellion” – if you didn’t read my Notre Dame posts and are interested in this avenue of thought… please read this + all the comments!  The link between the two is intersting.

The nodes of the chart are amazing and if you don’t know about yours then you need to… I will write about them.  I’m going to put a note in my diary now!  The nodes are our karma and destiny, where we have COME FROM and where we are going. Saturn and Pluto at the South Node are doing a major demolition on old structures, the old ways of being.  They are also reflective of the pains and set backs of the past karma.

Collectively, I can’t say that I KNOW what it means but I have been asking questions because the conversation of psychic attack, entity attachment and some freaky energy has synchronistically entered my life over the past few weeks.  I think that there’s some dodgy energy around and I think that people with planets around the mid to late cardinals are taking a bit of a hit.  There are some big shifts out there and this Moon should see us release and realise the changes we need to make in the way we express ourselves both as individuals and in our relationships.

This is also a release of outdated karmic energy.

Ancestral karma is flooding in and we are upgrading to a new level of perception.

This is my hypothesis but I would be very interested to hear what you have to say!

This is a Full Moon to CUT CORDS.

Set yourself free from the limited relationships of the past and become your own author, your own authority.  It will only improve your relationships.

Big love,

F xx