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Here we are at the edge, at the pinnacle, at the pivot point.  Equinox is one thing, but the New Moon in Aries is my most key date for manifesting and setting seeds for the future.

Simply because, Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, so we have some seasonal fire.  Plant the seeds you want to harvest and remember that this is about YOU.  It’s Aries and linking back to the post I uploaded on instagram yesterday, if you’re not choosing yourself and putting yourself first then you’re showing the universe you’re not important and that’s what will be reflected back to you.

We live in a holographic universe and are constantly manifesting our current realities.  The law of attraction is at play and we get back what we put out.  The New Moon in Aries is square to the Nodes and most forcefully, Saturn and Pluto at the South Node in Scorpio.  It’s burning away the old karma with the zeal of a scorned wife pouring petrol all over her husbands clothes and setting fire to the lot of ’em.

Capricorn and this South Node festival of endings is brewing a storm in a tea cup all around us.  (See Brexit.)  Shit is going down and the patriarchal structures are showing signs of weakness.

Have you ever seen how a tree disfigures a pavement? It grows and it grows until it ruptures the concrete and renders the sidewalk (hi USA) impassable.  With Ceres supporting the New Moon the seeds we plant now are the sorts to effect evolutionary demolition on the existing structures and move us to the next phase.  Think less tree lined streets and more jungle in the concrete jungle.  Life is desperate to grow.


Mars, Man of War and ruler of Aries is in Gemini, CHOOSE YOUR WORDS CAREFULLY.  Mercury, Man of Messages and Ruler of Gemini is in Pisces with Neptune, LISTEN TO YOUR GUIDES AND YOUR HIGHER SELF, it wants the best for you.  The root is intuition. The bridge is an intention to propel yourself forward with clear guidelines that surpass all previous intentions.  The results will be seen later.  For now, it’s about trusting that the future is yours and aligning to that fact.  If it FEELS wrong, it is wrong, can you trust that and as @philgoodlife said yesterday.  Listen to the people who love you.  They aren’t projecting, they have messages for you.  But if we close ourselves off (as we can be tempted to when confronted with Saturn) then we lose the speed with which we can progress.

Don’t worry,  it’s a sin.  It’s a form of self-abuse.   It’s all going to be OK but the more we worry about reaching the destination, the more blocks we put in the way.  

15 Degrees Aries is a power point. It’s roasting hot.  It’s the absolute middle of the most fiery fire sign. So… make your intentions and burn thoughts of failure to the ground. 

Aries is about YOU.  Leading, being the best, knowing what you want and asking for it.  It’s not about needing to please others. You do you, baby.  

Focus on:

  • New Beginnings
  • Self- Focus
  • Self-Discovery
  • Independence 
  • Courage
  • Disengaging self-absorption 

I’m lifting some examples from Jan Spiller because legend and it gives you an idea on how to write.

  • “I want the habit of losing boundary of my own identity totally lifted from me.”
  • “I want all fears around my assertively blazing new beginnings with ….. totally lifted from me.”
  • “I want to easily find myself trusting my instincts.”
  • “I want to easily find myself making decisions that are in my own best interests.”
  • “I want to easily find myself being kind and generous with myself”
  • “I want to easily find myself being more honest about who I am in my relationship with….”
  • You got the idea?  ARIES themes of SELF.

The New Moon is square to Saturn, it’s being challenged by the authorities in our lives who have tried to hold us back, criticise the way we express ourselves and to stall our independence in favour of doing things the old way.

Saturn is meeting Pluto, at the South Node – if you don’t really know what that means then just trust me when I say that the old way of doing things, whether it’s a karmic pattern from 500 years ago or from 15 years ago.  It is being pushed and shoved into a new reality and these seeds that are being planted are in soil that is fertile with the detritus of the old.  Cycles.


I hope you dive into this New Moon with a VISION BOARD.  Mercury Neptune has got us all VISUAL (especially with an expansive vision from stationing Jupiter in Sagittarius.)  The Aries energy has us FULL of energy to take things UP A LEVEL.



Get to it.

Big love,

F xxx


P.S. Another epic image from @naturabruta