Hello friends!

After over ten days of saying I’m going to write, I’m actually sitting down to do it.

I left London last week and since then have been busy sorting things out, talking to clients, posting on Instagram and researching. 

For months journalists have been asking me ‘why do you think there is a rise in modern mysticism.’ 

I usually say something along the lines of:

  • the internet connecting niche groups of people and giving them a stronger voice
  • challenging times
  • the increased tech in our lives meaning we need to get back to nature

My secret answer is “I manifested it” but that obviously makes me sound insane, so I don’t say that! #knowyouraudience

Either way, this alternative world is getting busier. No one goes to talk to an astrologer when they are as happy!  People come and see me when the shit has hit the fan because they *need* to understand what is going on.

CYCLES was born last year because I knew 2020 was going to be massive and I had to convey that to the world, I wanted people to know (and to know that I knew). 

I wrote to my agent early 2019 and said I had a journal to make because 2020 was going to be a big year and needed to get it out there, but my emails were ignored so I set up “Oddie Publications” and self-published CYCLES 2020.  

I locally printed and sold 200 copies and an so grateful for every member of that community who supported my little project. I doubt any publishers would’ve let me write so frankly about the challenges ahead (even if I was cryptic!). That’s they joy of independence and ties in neatly with a New Moon in Aries conjunct Chiron, and Saturn fresh in Aquarius.  Aries is a VERY INDEPENDENT sign and wants things done NOW, as in, yesterday.

In bypassing corporations (Capricorn) and doing it my way and quickly (Aries) I was working with the energy of this New Moon, so that’s why I’m just telling you now!

Here is an extract from CYCLES.

“New Moon in Aries
at 4 degrees and
12 minutes of Aries at 9.29am GMT on March the 24th 

5 of Cups Reversed

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and this lunation falls just a few days after the Spring Equinox. A time when I usually spend the hours immediately after the new moon decorating a new vision board for the new astrological year. This is an absolute priority; my diary will be clear, my magazines will be braced for a massacre and the glue primed for creating a new visual scene. 

Every beginning marks the ending of something else and there is a poignant feel to this lunation, there are things we must let go of and it might be be a challenge to surrender. The card I selected for this new moon in Aries is the 5 of Cups (reversed) which can be the acceptance of setbacks, upsets and understanding that it is time to move on. 

No one escapes pain, fear, and suffering. Yet from pain can come wisdom, from fear can come courage, from suffering can come strength – if we have the virtue of resilience. 

There are so many ways we can experience this lunation, there is a bravery to Aries energy. Can we bravely see our challenges and speak up about the areas of our lives where our power was taken from us and we have been left hurt? Speaking out about a taboo topic takes away some of its power. Saturn has moved into Aquarius for the first time in 29 years and we are entering a new era; we are looking to adjust and explore any fresh and humanitarian goals.”



When I wrote this in August feeling as stressed as we all feel now.  I was nervous, anxious and felt trapped in London, a general symptom of working from home and not getting enough exercise!

If I can advise anything for those of you stuck at home at this time it would be to burn some energy first thing in the morning.  Jump around, skip, lift things, get sweaty.  Then shower and put on normal clothes. 

2020 and CYCLES

The numerology of the word CYCLES is 22.

  • C = 3rd letter of the alphabet
  • Y = 7
  • C = 3
  • L = 3
  • E = 5
  • S = 1

Total = 22

When the word CYCLES popped into my head as a name for the journal I knew it would be a 22 word before I checked.  

2020 is also a 22 year because 0 isn’t a number, it’s a symbol for nothing.

The master number 22 vibration is here to shake things up and change it.  To reform, improve and direct.  Clue number one as to why this year was going to be massive.


Saturn, Pluto, Ceres

Clue number two was all the astrology of January read more about that here.


This New Moon is conjunct Chiron, I can elaborate on all this now because I have context.  This is the reason that an astrology reading is always a two way process.  If you want me to PROVE astrology to you and do it blind I can give you a rough overview, but when you tell me where you work and your life circumstances the birth chart comes to life.

New Moon in Aries

Power, pain and the individual.  A collective dive into problems from the past, problems largely associated with old, outdated patriarchal power structures.  I’ve written this so many times I feel like everyone knows, but based on the fact that people keep asking me I guess they don’t!

The South Node in Capricorn + all the eclipses and the great Capricorn conjunction of HEAVY outer planets at the south node means we are washing away all that heavy, Capricorn energy and diving in the the north node in Cancer and LOVE, connection and togetherness.

The eclipse on Boxing Day was at 4 degrees of Capricorn, the New Moon is at 4 degrees of Aries, the South Node today is at 3 degrees and 40 minutes of Capricorn… it is at the eclipse degree.

There’s loads more astrology that I won’t bore you with because I like to think you are here for stories and aren’t all hardcore astrologers.  The result is we are FEELING these changes.  As we can see in the news people aren’t willing to shift their focus without force.  People rarely change without a bit of pressure, without a catalyst.

This New Moon is for you to envisage how you want to build your life going forwards.

The New Moon in Aries is always a biggie and I will be doing my vision boarding in the morning, but this time won’t we all feel it more?  Chiron is known as the “wounded healer” and whilst his themes are broad and vast, Chiron is ultimately brilliant.  He’s a wise, intelligent teacher and whilst there is pain there is so much to learn and potential beyond anything you dreamed.

As Saturn moved to Aquarius yesterday the themes we are watching out for are Orwellian.  I was pondering this yesterday and realised that both 1984 and Animal Farm are books centred around Aquarius themes and George Orwell himself had Saturn in Aquarius… this is how the chart speaks through us!

Positive Aquarius Themes

  • Community
  • Individuality
  • Innovation
  • Doing things differently
  • Technological advances
  • Facts
  • Scientific progress
  • Rationality
  • Equality
  • Humanitarian drives
  • Friendliness
  • Groups
  • Air travel

Negative Aquarius Themes

  • Arrogance (the shadow of Leo, the opposite sign)
  • Coldness (the opposite of warm and generous Leo, you get how this works?)
  • Control
  • Using tech to monitor everyone (community and groups gone wrong)
  • Communist, controlling thinking (equality gone wrong.)
  • Too much tech (being a robot alien and not a heart centred human.)
  • Emotionally detached (too rational, each to their own.)
  • Uniformity (when one person who has done everything differently decides that their way is the right way and makes everyone the same.)

I don’t need to explain why this current climate is challenging.  With New Moon square to the nodes the collective is hurting but we can tell ourselves it’s for our own good.

We all know the negatives to come out of this so I don’t need to repeat them but here’s some astrology for you:

  • The great Capricorn conjunction means that the old people are suffering.  I have Venus (what I love and value) in Capricorn and that’s why lots of my pals and lovers have been older than me. (Irrelevant information but trying to keep this chatty!)
  • If you were getting married this summer and no longer can then that’s not necessarily a bad thing… this is some rough astrology, would you really want that for your marriage?!  No you would not!
  • The earth really needed a break from air travel, cruise ships, factories and all our moving around.
  • People will be less complacent.
  • On Saturday night after an evening walk before going home to chill with my parents (!) I would normally have an element of “shall I go out?” but now I know that no one is out there’s ZERO FOMO, which is strange.  Not since I was 15 and the only time we went out was set house parties have I known such peace.  The internet has made sure that we ALWAYS feel we are missing out on something… and makes people behave in a myriad of absurd ways.

I was so busy in 2019 (I think I told you all) that I thought I was going to crack up.  In December I was turning work down and was absolutely wrecked from events, charts, clients etc… etc…  To be honest, the past few years have been a marathon and I’ve survived by heaving myself from one restorative yoga class to the next.  I won’t miss this carnage, but maybe one day in a few years time we will remember the great 2020 detention and wish we had nothing to do.

  • Reflection.  This is a big one and over the years I’ve written at length about the DISTRACTIONS we use to avoid self-reflection.  I’ve been in isolation about 5 years as I have invested everything I have (actually more than I had) in taking courses, paying website fees etc… and spent all my time reading, writing and learning. Man alive it’s boring at times, but it’s epic.  Focussing on your health, diving into what interests you, taking control. 

Some of the things I have envisaged for 2020 (now you know what I think about) and beyond that may or may not have relevance but are for you to ponder.

They get more wild as I go…

  • Collapse of the economy.  Lots of astrologers saw that and didn’t know how or why.  I sat having a cup of tea with some astrologers in November and was asked “what do you think this Saturn and Pluto thing will be in January?”  I said “I’m not sure, maybe a run on the banks?” Ha! No, a run on Tesco and Asda! Either way… the collapse of old, outdated financial systems was evident.
  • The end of fast fashion.  I thought that partly as a result of the collapse of the economy and partly because Uranus is in Taurus, Saturn is moving to Aquarius and the YOUTHS are obsessed with DEPOP and buying vintage fashions and customising them.  Fashion is VERY UNCOOL to youths who are aware of climate change.  The youths drive fashion trends, it’s only us uncool millennials+ who think owning loads of heels and outfits is brilliant because we grew up in Taurus inspired naughties! When Aquarius is strong being unique and individual is the way forwards.
  • However Saturn was in Aquarius in the early 90s and that gave us the platform shoe (putting us higher in the air.)
  • Food issues.  I’m hot on this one and am always writing GROW YOUR OWN in my insta stories and they are mostly ignored, even by myself! However, Uranus in Taurus, money shortages,  Monsanto selling infertile seeds to farmers for maximum control. Food is medicine.
  • Natural medicine; homeopathy and herbal medicine will BOOM in the next few years.  I know it like I knew astrology would become a trend and that happened faster than I thought it would, so let’s see what happens there.
  • Working from home and freedom becomes even more normal!  As companies collapse and haemorrhage funds they sell off their offices (eventually solving the housing crisis) and people who sat at desks next to each other, emailing each other will meet a few times a week. The 9-5 is thoroughly outdated.
  • Hovercraft.  I sometimes sit at the traffic lights in Battersea and imagine 10 years from now, everyone sitting in their little bubble vehicles like the Jetsons.  They had video calling in the 80s and now FaceTime is NORMAL!

OK, I’ve gone off piste.

Signing off now! I enjoyed that Sagittarius splurge.  Sagittarius sees patterns and “the bigger picture” it’s not here to explain every twist and turn in the story.

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