Here I am sunning myself on Halloween!  What a beautiful day!

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Our article didn’t make it to the papers this Saturday morning, but that gives us a little more time to explain the link between myself, Frankinsense & Mirth and AliciaKay Style…

Historically, the link is that my Mum and Dad (or Dum and Mad as they are more affectionately known!) used to shop in Alicia Kite’s show back in the late 80s.  Since then they have stayed friends and Alicia became  “Auntie Alicia!”

Exciting week for one of my oldest and funniest pals. @aliciakaystyle #capricorn #venusincapricorn #weloveblack #blazers and #belts ❤️ #astrology

Now, Alicia and Kay work together with their dream of helping women to be confident as they are. It’s not about losing weight or buying loads of clothes or trying to be trendy… it’s about being true to ourselves.

Alicia and Kay know then women spend too much time thinking and worrying about other people.  Being caring is fine, but the result can be that a core sense of identity gets lost and with that, your confidence can fade.

As I go on my astrological and spiritual journey meeting all sorts of wonderful people and following lots of likeminded characters on Instagram I always hear a similar core message.

Unless you love yourself, you cannot love anyone else.

Or as Maya Angelou said;

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The point being?  Unless you have self respect, unless you look after yourself, you can’t look after other people very well.

People who fail to look after their health and happiness are not in a position to care for others as well as people who do.

Style, is the icing on the cake.  Or at least it can seem that way.  However, even jeans and a T-shirt can be worn in a way that shows you have pride in yourself.

Another great quote I’ve seen, “dressing well is a form of good manners.”

I like that too, it’s polite to appreciate your beauty and the beauty the world has to offer.

I’m not talking about designer, nor glamour, we are talking about individuality and self-confidence.

I am rather anti-consumerism, though don’t get me wrong, I love a good outfit.  Shopping, greed, self-obsession, the need to be fashionable… I don’t like it.  Nor do I like ‘Made in Bangladesh’ sweatshop excessive consumption of cheap clothes produced by slaves.  What we need more of is quality, sustainable production and creative work for creative people to enjoy and live off.  All over the world materials, tailoring and occasion wear are integral to cultures, daily life and celebrations.  Here in the UK we are bombarded with fashion, adverts and unrealistic looks.  Mass consumption has taken over.  We want to change that.  Find your style, be brave and love what you wear, reflect your personality and be unique.  We are all unique.

So where do I come into this as an astrologer?

Style has never been on the top of my agenda.  I love working out people’s astrology and charts based on how they behave and what they look like.

I was chatting in the office last week and girl walk passed who I know to be a Virgo.  The guy I was talking to said, “She is very pretty!”

“Scorpio.”  I replied.

“What you can’t say that!”

“Yup, yes I can, I bet you anything she has got strong Scorpio in her chart.”


“Hahaha YES. VERY FUNNY. I am sure she has. I bet you anything.”

It’s the eyes.  Think Meg Ryan, Nelly Furtardo, Leonardo Di Caprio, Katy Perry.  Scorpio eyes are the most obvious feature to spot.   Too easy!

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 19.26.08 Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 19.27.03 Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 19.28.48 Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 19.29.24

I checked her chart and yes, Moon, Mars, Jupiter in Scorpio.

I do this all the time… and my focus in astrology is working people out, their behaviour, what would be a great job for them and of course, the one we all want to know… COMPATABILITY, relationships, what we love, patters we fall into.

We are all born with an identity and though we grow and change… we all kind of stay the same.  Growing up we know what we like and dislike, we are natural and instinctive in our choices.  THEN, somewhere along the line, we get confused, we want to fit in, we keep up with the Jones’ we are educated and pushed down roads we may not otherwise have taken.  We fall in love and try to meet the expectations of others, we have families, obligations and what we instinctively love and enjoy can get forgotten or ignored.

I truly believe that the key to happiness is in following your instincts.  I’ve written lots about this on my blog in the past and I’ve the point that for the past 15 years though I wasted to follow my dream I don’t know what it was!  You find it by taking one step at a time and just doing the things you love. Steve Jobs said so in the famous speech he gave to the Stannford University Graduates.

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 Watch this video here (after you  have finished reading this article!)

This applies to you if you’re 6 or 60. 

When Alicia is working as an image consultant she doesn’t dress people in her style she sees each individual through their eyes and works out what they would love.  Alicia is not an astrologer,  she does this naturally and intuitively.  Very few people are actual astrologers but it’s still all there, just because you don’t know about astrology doesn’t mean it hasn’t been with you all your life.  In your career choices, love life disasters and even food choices.  Your chart is there all the time, influencing your direction whether you happen to have read the map or not!

What I can do is explain very quickly what you probably liked as a child, what you love to look like now.  A quick look fears and things that hold you back and, tick! You’re away.  If you already know what you love, it’s funny to have it explained and to read about your personality.  If you have got to that point where you’re totally scrambled and have forgotten who you are then we can give you some pointers.

We have all been scrambled at some point in our life.  Part of life is to get totally confused and lost and wake up baffled thinking, “what am I doing here?  How did I get to this?1”  Learning who you are comes in the process of unscrambling.  Astrology and AliciaKay can just say, hey, consider this?  This would be great for you… and get you on your way back to your “old self.

I was just discussing this with Alicia and she said she gets loads of letters from women and their husbands thanking her for getting someone BACK to who they used to be.   This is not creating a new identity, it’s about getting back to your true and authentic self.  As I said, we have a core, UNIQUE identity, and shining our individual light is what makes us happy!

Just to explain quickly, astrology isn’t prescriptive.  Every single chart is basically a photo taken of the sky at your precise location and time of birth.  Super precise.  There are no duplicates.  There are similarities, but each person is unique  even though we are all essentially made up of the same things.  We are all here to love and learn; we are all here to do that in our individual way.

Think of it like this, the planets are instruments, their position in the sky is their tune and the way you let that influence live through you is how you choose to sing your song.  Every song is beautiful and enchanting in its own way.  Some will be more popular than others, some will be an acquired taste.  That doesn’t matter.  If you love your tune, then you sing and dance to it and you will be fulfilled and happy.

Talk to us, we have lots more to say.

Big Love,

Chessy, Alicia and Kay.