Since the Supercharge your life weekend I attended in September I have started to think differently and I’d say it’s noticeable too.

I don’t think I ever discussed it fully.

Actually, I have written this already… let me find it, finish it and POST here now!  OK – yes look!  A whole post just sitting in a word document on my laptop… I wrote this on the 17th of September 2015.  Back during the September 30 day yoga challenge when the sun was still shining and I spent my whole life on the balcony writing!  Rock and roll!


I kinda wanted to get on the mat but there was no room at the inn and I'm happy to goob about and sit on the balcony enjoying Mr sunshine! Nearly the end of #unionstation30 what a mega #September it has been! I'm very much enjoying being a monk but maybe ready for some #strongbows! Here I sit and #read and #write and satisfy my #sacralchakra haha WILD ☀️ @unionstnyoga #yogachallenge #fullmoon #relax #restart #renew


Supercharge your life


After I stumbled from my tent to the Pukka Tea area at Wilderness and groaned at the girl serving, “help me!” She kindly gave me a cup of cleanse tea and I wandered over to a small crowd that had formed outside a tent in The Sanctuary and passed out in the sunshine.


Listening to the talk I was in raptures.  I got goose bumps after about 10 minutes and stayed there for two hours.  The talk was PHENOMENAL! Not only did this guy have a great story to tell, he told it well and so much of what he was saying was reinforcing the new way I have been coming to think about things as reflected in this blog.  However, he took it to another level and explained things I knew / was experiencing.

I think I was lucky to experience this “blind” I didn’t see the slide show and I didn’t see the guy presenting, I could just hear it all.  Lucky because I probably wouldn’t have been so open if I could see how fit and healthy he looked, nor if I could see that his marketing and slides were, well, ‘Americanised’.

Anyway… he was hosting a weekend to explain his philosophy in greater detail and I’ve been there all weekend.

I’ve watched a enough TED Talks to know the format and style of these professional development type geezers but never heard anything that had such a deep spiritual core running through it.

To keep us motivated there was high fiving and group interaction… but this guy is CAPTIVATING and his words are inspiring.  Yes he’s gifted with charm and the ability to sell, but that is a good thing as he is a wise wise man.

Lots of what he’s saying isn’t new, I’ve written it here.  Focus, purpose, path, spirit, energy… but he knows a SHIT LOAD more than I do.

It’s not my place to give away what he does it’s not my story to tell.  His way of living is somehow synchronised with my story, but it’s not the same.

The main difference is that he says go back to the child in you and be free and spontaneous etc… As previously discussed… I was a shy, compliant, well-behaved, rule following, quiet little girl.  I’m not interested in reverting back to that… I’m far more childlike in my adult approach to life, spontaneous, expressive, open, friendly etc… and obviously I see that astrologically, I’m set up that way.

Nonetheless, this is inspiration in action.  Not just with words, diet, money or materialistic goals in mind.  This is someone who understands that LOVE is the goal, the only goal and everything else will come.  We have the answers inside ourselves.  We really do.

I’ve grown up with an above average interest in all things spiritual (for a UK gal) and always had ideas, feelings, periods of my life where spirituality have dominated my mind.

  • First death in the family
  • A-Level life after death module
  • Traveling
  • Philosophy dissertation
  • Moving to Rome

Rome was a big one because I wasn’t living I was floating, Rome was mad… “the connections, the people, the music, the beauty” (that’s a quote from my diary November 2008.)  I was learning at full speed, working at The Vatican I was exposed to so much!  Yes I learnt more about the church, but also about The Greeks, The Etruscans, The Egyptians… plus the people I took on tour were often well educated and taught me a thing or two!

However, none of these experiences have illuminated my mind and being like the experiences I’ve been having recently.  I was always open, full of belief and faith but now I’d say that I KNOW there is more out there, the experiences I’m having are strange I won’t repeat them here because it’s TOO strange and no one will take me seriously…  being taken seriously is already a challenge!

Obviously I LOVE astrology and have studied it to explore and see how it works and to understand the science behind it.  I still want to do that, but I’m sure that it works now and have less of an inclination to prove myself to skeptics, I don’t feel the need.  I’m sure of what I think and I’ll be as open as anything, but I don’t need to prove anything to anyone else.

That’s a rule that applies to life; if you are secure in what you think and do then you have nothing to prove.

So why share?

Because I burn with the words until they are written down and I think I can help people.

One more thing…Dr Emoto have a watch of that!

I have to be honest, I didn’t like everything I heard.  Some of it has annoyed me… Veganism, is annoying.  I love meat, I have always liked the idea in principle because I love animals… but I put all the awful thoughts successfully out of my head (amazing that I can when I want to!) and carry on regardless.  As I’ve been made to think about it, I know it’s the right thing to do both for the animals and for my health.  However, I can’t be bothered to be vegan, it’s annoying and I don’t know what to eat.  It’s going to require some huge changes!

Since seeing him at Wilderness I’d already changed my diet to massively reduce meat and only buy free range chicken.  Strange how listening to a two hour talk influenced me so deeply, like nothing else I’ve experienced.  The man is magic.

He talks about yoga, creativity, the spirit, health, self-belief and LOVE.  Look past the marketing and see the man for who he is.

Overall, I feel inspired, aware and absolutely sure that my goals and dreams will materialise over the next 12 months.  I’ve been welllllllll on this path all year but the weekend cemented it all.
If you want this, go to the free event!  Go go go!  Follow my link… if you still are unsure of your purpose I can point you in the right direction with a few hints, or more if you require.


I’m just updating this old post!  The event is THIS WEEKEND! 23rd and 24th of April…  Go go go!
Frank x x x