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About Francesca

I’m a passionate (obsessive) astrologer and I think that astrology is a fascinating science. My quest is to present the subject simply and to enable people to comprehend the reliable roots of astrology.  To read an expanded version of how I came to be an astrologer please head to my Buy Xanax 2Mg Bars

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Fran listening to my reading again is making me tearful haha! 😊 You’re so fab at what you do, I don’t think I’ve ever had an experience that ‘gets me’ as much! 😊 Very emotional xx

Francesca - you were SO fab, your guidance completely changed my short term direction. I'm bumping back my trip thanks to you (it felt like what I wanted anyway). Thanks so much for the recording and for all the inspiration and encouragement.

Thank you SO much today it was magic!

I thoroughly enjoyed my reading with Francesca and found it insightful and invaluable. Francesca is very perceptive and she got me down to a tee. It was really quite remarkable. She has given my the confidence to explore career options which resonate with the 'real me', rather than to continue to conform with what I feel I should do. I left the reading realising it was actually possible to do something that would  make me flourish and thrive rather than something unfulfilling.

I recently treated myself to a reading by Francesca. I had been feeling a little lost but after only a few minutes with Francesca things were making sense. I had an incredible session, never having met me before Francesca pointed out all my personality traits, even ones that only I thought I knew. I feel that I have found myself again and even though I have been through some tricky things; all of which showed on my chart, I am healing myself and realise that I have everything I need for my next adventure. I would recommend anyone to contact Francesca, she’s a lovely person, full of life and enthusiasm.

Francesca is lovely to work with, always enthusiastic, she takes time to explain her readings, is always generous with her time and fun to talk to, she goes the extra mile.  I thoroughly recommend Francesca, give her a call and let the magic begin!

Francesca hosted a full moon workshop that I was fortunate enough to attend. Her knowledge and passion completely shone through as she spoke with an effortless fluency about the zodiac. It was awe-inspiring to absorb her wisdom as she reeled off answers about each attendees' chart with such ease. Following the workshop, I booked a one-to-one natal chart reading with Francesca which was one of the most enlightening and transformative readings I've received. Francesca's friendly and warm approach quickly puts you at ease and it feels such a privilege to receive her insight on your chart. Her innate and intuitive understanding is captivating and contagious. Clearly, her first language is astrology!

I met Francesca at Wilderness Festival where she was delivering her amazing work and was so impressed I suggested her for some Group sessions at Soho House Group. The one I attended at Soho Farmhouse was insightful, meaningful and full of positive energy. I left feeling wiser, more aware and curious to know more. I would certainly attend more sessions with Francesca and highly recommend her work.

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Just wanted to say amazing amazing event! I’ve had really good feedback from the members. Everyone absolutely loved it, myself included.

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Thank you so much!! You are so wonderful and talented, yes will keep in touch 😀🌈🌟

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I’m definitely staying in touch with Francesca so she can read my chart and tell me more about my star sign. I’m super intrigued.


Wow, wow, wow that was amazing. Francesca the host was absolutely amazing telling us all the stuff. I never thought there was so much to discover about my star sign.


The little booklet you gave me was absolutely fascinating. Thank you so much for your time, I will definitely be recommending everyone – and coming back myself! When big decisions are due. Fingers crossed I harness the power of my unaspected moons!! The wild horses in my life.


So so great to see you! Thank you I really enjoyed it and found it very interesting. I am very much looking forward to reading your blog and will definitely be in touch in the future!


Thank you! You are such a babe and our members (and I) loved it. So so cool.


I had just wanted to say a huge thank you for the event in Hackney now a good few weeks ago and how amazing and inspiring it was to meet you as an astro lover – you blew my mind with your knowledge and insights in like 5 minutes ….. !


You probably don’t remember me, but we met at Wilderness Festival where you kindly gave me and my husband a reading . . . Steve and Caroline. He is a Piscean (fast jet pilot) and I’m a Libra (thriller writer), and we really enjoyed our session with you!


The Goddess Brunch were very lucky to launch their first mini series with Francesca. Helping to empower women to connect with themselves, Francesca’s Astrology for Empowerment workshop was sensational and the perfect fit. Surrounded by snow, glittering street lights and the buzz of the full moon, Francesca expertly guided us through the magic of our birth charts. It was an amazing, uplifting and beautiful evening. Francesca KNOWS her stuff. Like seriously knows it. No question was too big or small, no matter too trivial. She makes you feel comfortable and cared for, while at the same time being really fun and funny too. You can just see how much she loves what she does and it’s infectious! We literally had to usher people out of the door at the end of the night – those were the vibes we finished on! Can’t wait to work with Francesca again!

What do I do?

Please go to theGet Xanax Script Online section of my site for more information on what I do.

For information on Order Xanax Online From Mexico have a look in the shop and the Xanax 2Mg Bars Online page should be kept up to date with things I am doing and am always open to ideas of events to attend.

What is astrology?

It’s insight, science and magic.

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