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About Francesca

Francesca Oddie 2020

I’m a passionate astrologer and my quest is to present the subject simply and to enable people to understand and utilise the reliable roots of astrology.  To read more, head to my about page


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This is my second online class with Francesca and it did not disappoint. A class with Francesca is packed with personality, knowledge and lightheartedness. I had loads of fun and even though I already knew a bit about Numerology I learnt loads too. I find Francesca’s classes really open and giving and it feels like you’re all learning together as mates rather than being ‘taught.’ Can’t wait for the next one!


Francesca is a naturally charismatic and open and it is lovely being in a space with her. I hope to meet her face to face one day as I feel I could talk to her for hours and hours.


I think I can speak for everyone and say it was one of the most magical, life affirming experiences of my life. Unheard of to have 20 women in a group, not one discordant element, no egos, no judgements, just empathy, fun, meaningful conversations and hopefully lasting friendships. Have suggested we meet at least annually!


It was a precious moment in time where 20 souls from all different walks of life, different ages and stories found solace and strength through an invisible, powerful common thread; id call it a search for deeper meaning and a desire to become more ourselves in the process – less the noise, less the masks. When the desire to grow prevails any fear, that’s where I found the magic at this retreat


Everything has a reason and if we could decipher the unseen ‘plasma’ between us all we would know that in ‘the art of closures’ there is beauty in it, and somehow know that it’s only all our human physical  interpretation of the actual word.  Nothing ever ends, disappears, breaks, closes, goes away, …even after ‘the final closure’ what we have on earth the concept of ‘death’.  The ‘closure energy’  just transmutes into another form of energy, and makes us learn and grow along the way. And that in its way is so awe inspiring in its weirdly sad, painful but happy and exciting way. 

Think, if we all individually, genuinely grasped the hang of this, we would be much more gentle, humane, and kinder with  ourselves & each other as a species.

Thank YOU for being part of this transformational journey via these online platforms & allowing me to experience this ‘transmuting energy’ on various levels with you ALL stars & a big big thanks to Francesca & Heidi for putting it all together in a yet another very inspiring & beautiful way it really is  ‘written in the stars’ which we are all part of & they, stars, are within us all like small fragments, just trying to fine tune our individual compasses to navigate through its space and galaxies to decipher it all.


The Intimate Love Edition was THE GREATEST gift I’ve bought myself in a long time. Absolutely packed full of astro wisdom with really tangible and actionable steps to getting to know who you really are, what you really want, what’s blocking you and how to shift perspectives and harness the power within it all. I really feel so much more connected to my chart and to myself. Francesca is a fantastic guide for this kind of work! She is extremely knowledgeable in an accessible way. She is kind but no nonsense. She will lead you to the deep end but you have to jump. The group of women I shared this journey with were open and honest, supportive and empowering. What fun we had!


I invested in you, Fran, and your wonderful, super effin’ chill teaching style. Your weaving of Astrology magic knows no bounds! You gave me everything I was looking for and have inspired me to keep my eyes open a little wider, with my head tilted ever so slightly up more towards the sky (with more curiosity than ever!). I see myself as clear as day now, and it has been suuuuuper casually shapeshifting for me, I’m so, so many affirming ways! Thank you for giving us SO much and guiding us as a group of eager Astro-nerd beavers. Mates for life.


I have just finished The Intimate Love Edition with Francesca and it has been a beautiful and mind blowing course to have been part of. Francesca’a knowledge is so rich learning from her is a privilege. Not only her knowledge but her intuitive skills are incredible. She is a amazing mentor to learn from her approach to teaching and dedication to these programs really comes through and she has so much passion for the world of astrology and welcoming all to it. I have so many huge takeaways from this course, things I didn’t even know I needed to learn about myself and astrology which will be such a fundamental part of my further growth and self discovery. I have loved every step of this course and learning how to integrate it into our own birth charts so the study can continue. It has also been a magical experience going through this journey with an amazing group of woman who have shared the passion of astrology and wanting to understanding Love and how it’s relates and effects us individually. Having a beautiful sacred and open space to be able to share our stories has also been so beautiful to experience. If you want to learn about yourself, how love appears in your world and how you can connect further and deeper to it with an amazing teacher and group….this course cannot be missed.


Thank you for the session today. It was super helpful. The work you do is truly amazing!


You’re so fab at what you do, I don’t think I’ve ever had an experience that ‘gets me’ as much!  Very emotional xx


Francesca – you were SO fab, your guidance completely changed my short term direction. I’m bumping back my trip thanks to you (it felt like what I wanted anyway). Thanks so much for the recording & for all the inspiration!


‘The Intimate Love Edition’ was great, I learnt so much about reading birth charts. The intimate size of the group made sharing easy and I loved how we got to use our own charts as examples. It was like a mix between a course, astrology reading and group therapy! Fran gave us lots of book recommendations too. My new fascination now is the asteroid Goddesses. They have added another layer to my birth chart. Frans courses are always jam packed and great value for money!


I had been feeling a little lost but after a few minutes with Francesca things were making sense. I had an incredible session,  Francesca pointed out all my personality traits, even ones that only I thought I knew!


I’ve now completed 2 courses with Francesca and will no doubt embark upon more in the future….Her depth of knowledge, interpretation and insight into astrology is amazingly thought provoking. If you’re looking to learn more about yourself, and maybe others, then look no further! The setup & style of her course allows you to connect with others embarking upon similar journeys. It’s truly been life changing, once your vision has astrology in its focus its hard to know whether you could ever truly see without it.


Francesca’s friendly and warm approach quickly puts you at ease and it feels such a privilege to receive her insight on your chart. Her intuitive understanding is captivating and contagious. Clearly, her first language is astrology!

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